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Searching for Double Glazing solutions for your Harrogate property? Or, unsure of the benefits of investing your hard earned cash into Double Glazing? Whatever your situation, you’ve made the right decision by reading this blog post and discovering us, Select Products.

We are Select Products. Your local, friendly and professional Double Glazing experts. We are proud of our family ran business. Where our years of hard work, product knowledge and high level of expertise has given us a strong reputation of professionalism through Harrogate and the surrounding areas.

Double Glazing is a highly competitive market, so why should you pick us to carry out your home renovations? What separates us from the competition? Why should you choose Select Products to carry out your double glazing renovations?

Harrogate Double Glazing

Why Pick Select Products for your Double Glazing?

There are three primary reasons why we the best at Double Glazing. Firstly, you told us! Our Checkatrade rating is at a whopping 9.8! That works out as a 98% customer satisfaction rating.

According to the site, which generates its data from customer reviews, this is where we scored.

Reliability and timekeeping – 9.8
Tidiness – 9.7
Courtesy – 9.9
Workmanship – 9.7
Invoice History (charged as per quote) – 10
Appointments reported as missed – 0

Select Products are extremely proud of this high rating and wish to thank all of our customers for such high reviews. Our aim is to keep this level of work up. Giving everyone of our Double Glazing customers a service they’re happy with. Maybe this time next year we’ll rate at 9.9, or even a perfect 10.

Now, the second reason…

Double Glazing specialists

Double Glazing and TrustMark

Select Products have had our technical ability assessed by the nationally recognise non-profit  adjudicator, TrustMark. TrustMark is the only Government endorsed scheme to check traders ability. Essentially, assuring that traders deliver what they claim to offer. That’s why we can say that we can offer you professionally installed Double Glazing at competitive prices.

Our work is constantly assessed to ensure that we deliver superior installation time after time. When we install your Double Glazing, ask to see our TrustMark Logo. We’ll gladly show it off to you, and tell you about the high standards put in place by TrustMark.

For the third and final reason. Select Products are FENSA registered.

Double Glazing and Fensa

Have confidence in our Double Glazing service with the knowledge that we are part of FENSA. FENSA, a government authorised competent persons scheme for the replacement of Double Glazing, has spent the past decade raising standards in the Double Glazing industry.

What does a Double Glazing installer need to do to become part of FENSA? They key elements of FENSA are:

Trust, competence and consistency.

Choose a member of the FENSA association to avoid a cowboy installation. Fensa work with thousands of Double Glazing across the Country. Over the years, FENSA has awarded over nine million window and door homeowner certificates.

When you choose Select, you choose to work with FENSA and TrustMark. Select Products are proud to be associated with these highly trustworthy names.

Double Glazing Fensa Harrogate

How Does Double Glazing Work?

Double Glazing works by trapping a blanket of air between two panes of glass. The gap between the two panes of glass has to be measured precisely to stop the air circulating. Essentially this creates a wall of trapped air. Stopping cold air from entering your home, and your warm expensive heating from leaving.

The panes of glass are internally beaded, and sealed from either side of the glass. This stabilises the window, and creates an airtight seal around the perimeter. Internally beading the glass massively benefits security. Windows, especially Double Glazing, that have been internally beaded are much harder to remove from their frame.

Your Double Glazing Calculator. Your Free Online

Interested in investing in Double Glazing? Think that Select |Products might be the right people to carry out your home renovations? Or, have you simply not made your mind up about whether Double Glazing is the right thing for you or not?

Here at Select Products, we offer a free user friendly online quote engine. Simply follow this link and fill in your details to receive your free online quote.

Or, if you’d rather, why not give one of our friendly team members a call? We are more than happy to discuss Double Glazing with you, talk you through the installation process and even give you a quote over the phone.

Double Glazed Windows

Double Glazed Windows Harrogate

If you are looking to replace your windows, then Select Products can provide you with the perfect double glazed windows for your property in North Yorkshire.

windows harrogate

Our timber and UPVC windows come in a range of glazing and finishing options so you are guaranteed to find a complementary match. Choose from a wide range of window styles and configurations, matching windows to home has never been so easy.

We will provide you with the right double glazed windows for your home as well as budget. Our window specialists have many years of experience as well as a wealth of accreditations so you can trust our in-house team to deliver exceptional results.

Our Harrogate Windows

Harrogate double glazed windowsWe offer a choice of classic and contemporary window designs for your property so whether you after standard sizes or bespoke measurements, our team of window experts can provide you with the latest styles and glazing.

10 Year Manufacturers Guarantee

All our double glazed windows come with a complete 10 year manufacturers guarantee and feature thermally efficient units as well as being maintenance free.

UPVC Double Glazed Windows

Our UPVC windows in Harrogate are chosen for their exceptional efficiency and versatile designs. Every window comes with high security locks as standard, as well as stylish features and hardware to complete their look.

Double Glazed Windows Harrogate

Whether you wish to maintain the appearance of your property in Yorkshire or wish to update and ‘freshen up’ its appearance, our UPVC double glazed windows have been designed in a beautiful range of styles. From casement windows to Tilt and turn windows and sash windows, we have them all.

Energy Rated Double Glazed Windows

Just how energy efficient are your current windows?  You could be losing valuable heat from old or poorly fitted windows which can often lead to nasty draughts and cold spots within your property. A double glazed window ensures your home is kept warm and comfortable throughout the year, saving you precious heat energy.


A double glazed window is measured in terms of its efficiency and one way in which we do this is through BFRC energy ratings.

Energy ratings range from A to D, with the most efficient windows being rated anything from C and upwards.

All our double glazing is BFRC energy rated which means they are highly energy efficient. You can be assured of their quality.

The UPVC Casement Window

The UPVC casement window comes with superior security hardware and internally glazed profiles for the ultimate home protection.

Double Glazed Casement Window

UPVC casement windows are contemporary alternatives to traditional double-hung windows. These windows are built with a single-lever latch design which allows for single hand operation, allowing you to open the window with ease.

This is why these windows are so commonly installed in hard to reach places within the home such as behind kitchen sinks and bathrooms.

Our casement windows provide effective ventilation and can be specified in various different configurations such as top, side or bottom hung. We have flat, chamfered and ovolo designs to help you achieve either a traditional or modern appearance.

Sash Double Glazed Windows

Looking to maintain your homes character? Our UPVC sliding sash windows combine beautiful, classic aesthetics with modern day materials for a fashionable yet long lasting window.

Sliding Sash Windows

Our UPVC sash double glazed windows are a highly efficient and modern alternative to the traditional sash window.

Built in the appearance of a traditional sash window, the UPVC sash window will help retain a property’s classic aesthetic whilst its UPVC materials give you a low maintenance, efficient and secure window. With the UPVC tilt and turn window, you get the best of both designs.

The sliding sash window will provide you with an excellent performance year after year. They are extremely robust and durable, meaning they will never rot, warp or rust. They will never require re-painting either – these windows are built to last.

Tilt and Turn Windows

The tilt and turn window gives you enhanced security and ventilation options. This unique window allows fresh air to circulate your home whilst not compromising safety or security.

Tilt & Turn Windows

Their tilt and turn function makes them ideal for high rise buildings and perfect for the upstairs of your property where access to the outside of your windows is restricted. With their clever tilt and turn function, you can clean with ease.

Our tilt and turn double glazed windows are available in a wide choice of glazing options including obscure glass and Georgian bars.

Timber Windows in Harrogate

Not only do we provide energy efficient UPVC double glazed windows but we also provide a beautiful range of hardwood and softwood timber windows.

Our timber windows are available in a variety of sustainable timbers and thanks to recent advances in technology, all our timber windows are extremely strong and durable – you will only need to re-paint every 6-8 years.

timber casement windowTimber Window Styles

Our beautifully crafted wooden windows in Harrogate come in a choice of traditional styles and finishes in natural wood.

All our timber window styles are designed to meet the highest standards and as a result offer high insulation as well as bring weather resistant.

Double Glazed Windows

We use Eco Clear B glass as standard in our timber windows and in all our 24mm double glazed units.

This energy saving glass is extremely thermally efficient, securing your property against draughts and any cold spots.

Get In Touch

For further information on our windows in Harrogate and Leeds, contact us today using our online enquiry form.

Alternatively, you can call us on: 01423 210 021 and our window specialists will be happy to help with your enquiry.

Double Glazed Window Prices

Get an instant window price online using our double glazed windows price calculator. Browse through a comprehensive range of designs and calculate a unique cost.

Tilt & Turn Windows Harrogate

Superior UPVC Tilt and Turn Windows

Select Products offer high quality tilt and turn windows in Harrogate. Stylish, secure and efficient, these windows are ideal for a wide range of homes. Discover your unique tilt and turn window price with our clever online quoting engine.

Tilt & Turn Windows

Versatile Tilt and Turn Window Function

Easy to clean and operate, the dual purpose tilt and turn window can be tilted and opened in a variety of ways.  A half-turn of the handle opens the window inwards, giving you access to the outer pane. This allows the glass to be cleaned comfortably and safely from inside your home. UPVC tilt and turn windows are especially suited to high rise buildings, where window safety can be an issue.

Double Glazed Tilt and Turn Window

Adaptable Design

These windows can also be manufactured to a range of specifications. Available in larger sizes, tilt and turn windows offer the perfect solution for bigger apertures.

A range of colours, handles and locking options makes the tilt and turn window a popular choice for a replacement window. Finding the right match for your property is easy.

Our stylish windows are available in a range of glazing options including obscure glass and Georgian bars. Choose our UPVC tilt and turn windows and discover the perfect combination.

UPVC Tilt and Turn Window

Low Maintenance

Our UPVC Tilt and turn window are extremely low maintenance. An occasional wipe clean is all that is required to keep these windows in top condition. Advanced UPVC technology protects your window from the outside elements so your tilt and turn windows will never experience weathering or warping.

Low Maintenance Tilt and Turn Windows


The UPVC tilt and turn window provides excellent ventilation options. The tilt and turn function allows you to successfully control air flow. You choose how the window is opened and the extent of opening.

Integrated deep head profiles are also incorporated into the design for ease of trickle ventilation.

Excellent Security

Our tilt and turn windows are internally beaded for high security as well as featuring a multi-point locking system to deter against break-ins.

Get In Touch | Instant UPVC Window Prices

For more information on our UPVC tilt and turn windows in harrogate contact us on: 0113 257 8933. Alternatively, you can get a free online price using our double glazing prices calculator.